Greetings and why I am excited about the future of mobile

Welcome my dear reader! Are you curious why would I join the crowd and start yet another blog on technology? Is it about feeling better when googling yourself, telling minute details of my life or creating a potential revenue stream?

Well, not exactly. The reason is that I want to share with you the belief of mine:

The greatest advances in our everyday lifestyle will come from technologies that proactively shape our behaviour: 

The “apps” that makes us follow a new process that brings more motivation, focus, effectiveness and happiness. Rather than merely serve as a tool with a list of features available.

And with all recent advances in software and services, we have not even scratched the surface yet!

Now, I do understand that you may be confused by the statement above. In the upcoming posts I intend to share more details, ideas and specific examples of such technologies.

I am very excited about this topic and I would very much appreciate if you have an idea or a source to share with me!

Please note, that some of the posts will be labeled “IE Social Media Class”. These are related to the assignments from my Digital Business Masters program. They may fall out of the general picture here as the topics for assignments are being suggested by our professor. However I will do my best to link the discussion back to my passion.

Have an exciting journey!

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